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Anupam is a blockchain and cryptography evangelist with a passion for content marketing. He has written for the likes of Cointelegraph, VentureBeat, BusinessInsider, ValueWalk, among many others, and has worked with some notable ICOs. He remains up to date on the latest blockchain developments in many countries around the world.

He started trading cryptocurrencies back in 2013 and believes that blockchain technology will not only revolutionize the financial world, but also disrupt various industries, from manufacturing to supply chain to cloud storage.

As a co-founder of, where Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are compared with traditional assets like Gold, Silver, and S&P500, he updates price movements of major cryptocurrencies to a growing number of followers.

He is also a founding member of ‘Everything Blockchain’ – India’s decentralized crypto community – and runs frequent Bitcoin meetups in New Delhi.

Anupam holds a degree in Computer Science from The University of York and loves to produce content for ICOs and blockchain companies that drive readers’ attention.