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William ‘Bill’ Davis III
Former PwC & CEO Daopay, Director of Technology (New York)

A tenacious leader with extensive experience and excellent board and senior executive level references in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Mobile Payments, Data Visualization, Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Applications. A proven leader in organizations that are digitizing or leveraging new technology to monetize the business. Experienced in Fast growing startups and Fortune 500 culture, practices, policies and procedures. Background includes a strong track record in advising Institutional Investors, VCs, Angel Networks, Technology leaders with strategies and tactics in the new economy. Managed companies, Major Project Implementations, Business Performance Improvements and the Rollout of Crypto Currencies on the Blockchain, Mobile Payments across 50 countries, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management applications. Consistently referred to as the right hand of Board of Directors, CEOs, CIOs and CFOs.

Specialties include: New Technologies, Difficult Projects and Strong Leadership. Examples include: Crypto Currencies in China, Mobile Payments in London & Austria, Bank Turnarounds in NYC/NJ, Dreamliner delays that were 2 years late and 10b over budget.