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Keith Kaplan
Tesla Foundation - Founder Cybersecurity, Drones, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence education (Los Angeles)

Keith Kaplan is a thought, creativity and technology leader that has conceived, created and partnered in many successful business and technology projects. Mr. Kaplan is always on the edge of emerging technology and how this integrates into our lives in a commercial and personal way.

At 15 years of age Mr. Kaplan was accepted to the California Institute of the Arts, “Cal Arts”, for Music and Composition, and the emerging study of computers for compositional programing. He flourished in the integration of engineering and computer science in creativity and has made this his life’s work.

Mr. Kaplan currently leads the Tesla Foundation, which accomplishes its mission through the power of research and education to create, promote, and protect Innovation and the steps needed for Commercialization.

The Tesla Foundation’s Initiatives are focused on the Industrial Revolution 4.0 – connectivity, robotics, autonomy, big data, cyber security, education, commercialization, and educational events. Mr. Kaplan has traveled the world talking about the integration of cyber autonomy into our everyday lives. From meetings with the White House, appearing on major TV and Radio stations, authoring articles in major publications, and speaking at major conferences and symposiums globally.

Mr. Kaplan is a creator, consultant, and team member in the creation of emerging technology and is an expert in the integration of new technology into the marketplace. As a Computer Scientist and Creative he has the unique mix of rational and creative thought. Mr. Kaplan has continuously and vigorously pursued and participated in many innovative projects that push the limits of technology and how it can be used for good.

Mr. Kaplan sees the integration of technology as an opportunity to further the good of mankind and has stated,” It is the responsibility of those that have the means to assure the safe and ethical integration of all technology for the betterment of mankind”.